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3D Printing Service

Hackett 3D’s print bureau in Dublin involves the latest 3D Print technology, enabling us to offer an unrivalled 3D Printing Service. If your need is urgent,we can even offer an overnight service, depending on the overall size of the 3d model. The Projet 660 from 3D Systems takes advantage of a 4-channel CMYK full-colour process, and prints uniquely high-resolution models. Ideal for Architectural models, Stop-Motion animation models, Product Design & Prototyping, Mechanical & Civil Engineering models,  Medical, Educational & Fine Art models.

3D Banner test A6

Technical Specifications (Projet 660 Pro)(Powder)

Our Projet 660 Pro 3D Printer has a large build capacity (381mm x 254mm x 203mm).  It is also incredibly fast, printing at 2.5 inches per hour (depending on the size of the model). It’s environmentally friendly too – the powder based consumable is recycled which in turns means cost savings for you. The Project 660 offers full CMYK colour capability, which greatly enhances the options for the designer.

Our 3D printed models from the Projet 660 Pro can be finished in a number of specialised ways including spray-painted finishes, drilling, tapping, facilitating a wide range of applications.


Technical Specifications (Ultimaker)(Plastic)

The Ultimaker 2 and the Ultimaker 3 printers have a build chamber size of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm. We mainly use a PLA material for 3d printing which is derived from corn starch and is environmentally friendly but

it is possible to use other materials with the Ultimaker 3d printers such as ABS, nylon and PVA (for printing water soluble supports).  Please email info@hackett3d.com for more information.

Please note the following design suggestions for 3d printed models:

Wall thickness:
While the Projet 660 prints in 0.1mm layers, the minimum standalone wall thickness is 1.5-2mm (small features 0.4mm). It is important to take this into account when scaling your model.

Moveable Parts:
To ensure that moveable parts do not fuse during the curing process, please allow for not less than 1mm clearance.

All objects/shells must have enclosed volume
All visible faces must be orientated to the outside (no inverted normal)
Although floating objects are acceptable in rendering 3D printing requires all components to be joined

We can file fix for 3D printing if your 3d files have already been created.

Accepted file formats include;

.VRML (x.wrl)