Multi-Coloured Ancient Skull

Here at Hackett 3D, we decided we wanted to produce a model that will show off the quality and capabilities of our Ultimaker printers. We wanted the model to show off the quality of print, the multitude of colours it can print and that it is paintable. So this is what we came up with.

We went with this cool ancient skull model, shown in the picture below. The model was found by Louise, a work experience student who had been with us for a couple of weeks during the summer. Louise found the model on , which is a free 3d file warehouse, filled with thousands of great 3d models.

After a number of different ideas of how to print the model, we decided to split the model diagonally into two different thicknesses of cuts. The thicker cuts would be printed in all the colours we currently stock. The thinner cuts would be printed, and then sprayed gold. We played around with the order of the colours and came up with this order.

Once all the parts were finished, it was time to spray paint the thinner parts gold. Very important to have good ventilation and respirator masks for this part! Once the parts dried, we glued them all together. This was tricky as there are a lot of fine details that need to match up.

The finished model looks great! The gold contrasts the other colours brilliantly. It’s been a gret addition to our selection of sample 3D prints. Pop in any time to have a look!

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Going Green for St. Patricks Day

Part of the ‘Going Green’ initiative by Tourism Ireland. Here in Hackett3D we produced this 150mm high green leaning tower of Pisa for PR agency Drury. We sourced a 3D file of the leaning tower of Pisa and prepared it for 3D printing. Mr.Gilmore looks extremely pleased with the print quality from our Projet660pro!




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Outdoor 3D Scan

Following on from our successful 3D scan and 3D print of the runner we took the Sense 3D scanner outdoors to see what could be achieved with the portable scanner.

We stumbled upon a James Joyce statue in St.Stephen’s Green that we felt would be ideal for a 3D scan, it was head height so we would be able to move around the statue. On our first attempt to scan, it was a sunny day in March and with this the sun caused a slight glare on the statue therefore the 3D scanner was unable to read the geometry of the statue correctly. We didn’t have to wait long for a cloudy dull day, subsequently headed out to capture a successful scan. The lack of glare on the statue made it much easier to achieve the desired 3D scan.

We printed the scan on our desktop 3D printer the CubeX and on our larger full colour Projet660pro. The size of the models are 114mm x 98mm x 53mm they were scaled at 25%.




“Bring it to Life”

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