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The Ultimaker and Ultimaker 2 use fused-filament fabrication. The 3D printer melts plastic and deposits it on a plate in an additive process. The part is produced by extruding thermoplastic material which harden immediately to form layers. The filament  is wound on a coil is unreeled to supply material to an extrusion nozzle head. The nozzle head heats the material and turns the flow on and off.  Make Magazine reviewed the Ultimaker Original as the fastest and most accurate desktop 3D printer. The speed and accuracy is unmatched to date by any available desktop 3D printer out there. The Ultimaker and Ultimaker 2 is a perfect 3D printer for any skill level.

Benefits of Using Ultimaker


The Ultimaker Origianl can come flatpacked to allow you to build you very own 3D printer from start to finish. During the excitement of the build process you learn more and more. This will help you understand the workings of a 3D printer even better and give you the opportunity to get the most out of your Ultimaker.

Low maintenance

Very little or no maintenance in these printers. Replacement parts are available at low cost and are easy to replace.


Cura is an open software developed by the Ultimaker Team. Ultimaker Original source files are available online.

Filament & Cartridges

The Ultimakers supports the two most popular printing filaments: ABS and PLA. This printer supports 0.3 mm universal cartridges.


Ultimaker Original is upgradable. Even with the release of the Ultimaker 2 we will stand by our product and continue to support you and the 3D printer by optional upgrades.

Ultimaker Original

Ultimaker 2

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