3D Printing Preparation

When people draft 3D models they are not necessarily 3D print ready. In this blog, I will discuss some issues where  models may look perfect on screen , but might not be 3D printable.


There are a few things that need to be checked before its ready to 3D printed, this is a list of things to look at when creating your 3D file.

Flipped Normals/faces

As you can see from this render the file looks ok

flipped normals

but as you can see from this image the same model has these (in red) flipped normals/faces.

and this is what happens when printing this model.

Flippednorms real

As you can see the printer has done its best to keep the file in one peace, it has filled the inside and you can see on the text the colour has changed. When the model is printed solid it would use more material and could cost more.




Holes are one of the biggest issues, if you have a open faces on your model this will cause problems when slicing the mode

from this render you can see it looks fine maybe you can see the hole in the model



Here is a better render showing the holes.

In the image below you can see how it was printed

Holes real

As you can see it printed but it was very delicate and broke under its own weight, it filled in the object which will cost more due to more material used.
Print ready file


Here you can see a normal file with no holes or flipped normals/faces the render looks just like the other and this is what it looks like printed.

Normal real

As you can see it looks good and the inside is hollow which allow the use of less Matrails and a cheaper print.



As for multiple objects.
You can see here there are to object intersected from the render they look fine. but they are not Booleaned together and
When the cut the model in half you can see this easier.
When it is printed you can see from the top it looks ok

Intersected real
But from the bottom you can see the to intersecting parts.
Intersected base real
Because of the extra parts inside this will add more material to the print and cost more

Joined Properly

looking at this render dose look like the last one the only difference is this is Booleaned/union-ed together.


Joined properly



when the model is cut in half you can see the difference

when this is printed you can see again the top side looks good.

join proper real
The bottom is hollow and is using less matrails.
Joined proper base real






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